Toyota corolla verso review

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Bought new toyota corolla hybrid zr and believe me its one of the best small car in market. This car drives so smoothly and I feel so much safer on the road.

He found a car within my budget and let me test drive it. Would never buy another brand car again and would highly recommend this car. It is extremely good value for money and I would not buy another brand. The petrol is affordable and the service too.

I drive 40km to get to work but its very comfortable and I dont get back sore like my old car. It doesn't have all the yuppie extras omg they would say over morning coffee and there are absolutely no bragging rights so it is not for your average "we own this and that" yuppie but certainly great for the rest of us who aren't hung up on showing off and competing with others because our lives are so shallow.

Jan The most reliable car ever!. Opinion on Toyota Corolla Seca hatchbacktoyota corolla verso review, kms. Apr Great car for the price. I traded in my old Corolla which I had no issues with for a newer model.

The car runs smoothly and I hardly have any issue mechanically? It has been the most reliable car we've ever owned!

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Pity they don't have a life or a Corolla. E My Toyota corolla manual model Just Stops Accelerating and cut gas and stops. I just buy oil and air filter and it cost me less than to do it myself. The car runs smoothly and I hardly have any issue mechanically. And it looks quite sharp. Thanks toyota for your wonderful finish.

I would highly recommend a corolla. My only complaint is that it isn't as responsive in pick up as my model but my partner loves it all the same. Equipped with a full size alloy spare wheel.

I think I would feel so much safer having the gps on the large screen than looking at my toyota corolla verso review. Still worth keeping and spending money on?

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Overall I have loved my corolla!! If the price was around 5k cheaper then the shortcuts and cheap plastic that toyota took would have been to tolerable but fir a 24k starting price with on road costs it isnt. I bought my first one back in then I upgraded in

More than just happy alvast mijn beste wensen this car with the value and quality I received. It is zippy and so reliable, toyota corolla verso review. All I have ever done is had it serviced every months. Mazda is just a little bit more powerful and it comes with better design and quality and as reliable as Toyota the only advantage that I could think of is, it is cheaper to service with Toyota Dealer.

Jan The most reliable car ever!. The car drives toyota corolla verso review on both city and highway roads.

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I will recommend this car to anyone I know as this. I enjoyed my Civic but when Toyota released the all new Corolla, it was time to change. Similar Hatchbacks Toyota Prius.

I am driving Toyota Corolla Hatchback! I have been using this car from day 1 and so far it has not given me any trouble. Toyota corolla verso review a review on ProductReview? They have updated the sound system since model which is much improved.

Was this review helpful. So I now have very useful hooks in the google street view autoplay. The car handles well and has enough grunt to get you around with ease. I service every km.

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For the price that you pay it is lacking in technology which is very sad to see especially when the competitors are the likes of hyundai, mazda etc All I have ever done is had it serviced every months. Apr Great car.

Oct toyota corolla verso review is getting tougher and needs improvement. If it is not asking high maintenance you can still keep it but it is not recommended for long drives sierra replied on Oct 30, Fuel consumption is good and interior is the best then other car.